Philadelphia has gone through urban revivals in recent years. The city has gone to great lengths to clean up many of its neighborhoods. Visitors will find little trouble anywhere in the city during the day, although there are certain neighborhoods a person should go out of his way to avoid at night.

Any large city will have crime, homelessness, impossible parking, unusual traffic patterns and discourteous drivers. City residents recommend that visitors avoid the Northern part of the city and the southern party of the city in general. Cynics believe that it takes less time to point out the safe neighborhoods in the city than it does the dangerous ones.

The Broad and Dauphin Street Neighborhood ranks 16th on the most dangerous places to live in the United States. Chances of becoming a victim in a single year are one in 9, according to

If a person wants to stick to safe neighborhoods at night, he should stick to Center City and Queen Village. Of course, Philadelphia has many suburbs that are often safer than the city itself. Nearby Bucks County hosts many of them. Visitors should also avoid the area around Temple University, although the University itself is safe.

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