One of the major challenges that home buyers is finding a home in a neighborhood that is safe. For people that are looking to move to Philadelphia, that is an even bigger challenge. Although Philadelphia is not the most dangerous city in the United States, it is certainly not the safest. It is filled with gangs and people that commit crimes on a daily basis. Families want somewhere to live that is safe for them and their children. Fortunately, there are areas in this city where the crime and violence is much lower. Experts advise people to not to live in the heart of the city, but instead try to buy a home that is near the city limits. The city limits have been said to be the safest place to live.

The top five neighborhoods in Philadelphia that have need named the safest are: Longmead Farms, Port Richmond, Byberry, Henry Avenue, and Allens Ln. If one is looking for a safe place to live in Philly, he or she should check out one of those neighborhoods. The costs of the homes in each neighborhood vary, so it is important that a person do research before making a final decision where to live at.

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