Though some areas of Philadelphia are overflowing with dangerous criminals and are considered unsafe, other neighborhoods are perfectly safe for families to build a permanent home. Steering clear of the heart of the city, the safest neighborhoods are located near the city limits. Here are the top five safest neighborhoods in Philadelphia:

  1. Henry Avenue/Wissahickon Dr: Neighborhoods in this eastern strip score a high 86 out of 100 on the national crime index scale. Homes are medium cost compared to other homes in Pennsylvania as well as nationwide. The community is considered rural and has a coastal setting with decent public school systems.
  2. Allens Ln/Wissahickon Ave: Scoring 85 on the crime index, this neighborhood has a median house value of 445,049pretty high compared to the rest of Pennsylvania. The family friendly suburban area is mostly comprised of historic homes and has a high education rating. The community is among the 15 most wealthy communities in America.
  3. Byberry: This middle class neighborhood has a median house value of 193,582. The education level is one point below the national average, but the school systems are constantly improving. As far as safety goes, Byberry scored 85 on the crime index (out of 100).
  4. Longmead Farms: This densely urban neighborhood with medium sized houses is great for families with small children. It scored a 5 on the educational rating scale (5 is average for the US), and an 84 on the crime index. Houses cost an average of 206,001 and most owners consider themselves upper-middle class.
  5. Port Richmond: Scoring an 80 on the safety index, this low cost neighborhood offers a safe, suburban, quiet lifestyle. Though education ranks below average, the low cost of houses (62,592 average) is the most attractive quality of Port Richmond.

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